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Children aged 10-13

At 10 - 13 years of age children continue their development with coaches Bruno Perić, Jurica Marković and Matko Šarić. Tennis technique and tactics are upgraded and fitness programmes are introduced (for groups targeted for the competition programme).

We take care of the child's mental development because at this age children have a greater ability for socializing. They are less likely to submit to parent domination, they develop their identity and connect with their peers. For most of them, adult feedback is very important, so we make sure that it is encouraging and positive, otherwise it may have a negative effect on the child's self-confidence and self image. Not all children enjoy tournaments equally, so we invite parents to develop a competition plan together with us. Parental pressure and constant comparisons with peers will provoke additional stress in a child, which may prompt him to give up tennis. Most children enjoy tennis and instructions, but at the same time do not like tournaments and competitions. We should respect and support them in this.

For children who are confident and psycho-physically ready for competitive tennis, coaches organize additional trainings and fitness programmes. We prepare the children for tournaments, take care of competition entries, and organize transport accompanied by a coach or club representative. We teach children how to behave at sports competitions, what to bring to a tournament that lasts for several days, how to eat a proper diet, how to respect the customs of the host country, and many other things. Other club members love to join us on trips! In cooperation with other clubs we organize matches and trainings among children with the view of continuing their socialisation and broadening their circle of friends.

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