Players - Juniors

Juniors (aged 14-18)

At the age of 14, children continue their development with coaches Alan Marić and Daniel Ungar.
The emphasis is on individual work and mutual trust. The following is upgraded and perfected:

  • technique
  • tactics and strategy
  • psycho-physical abilities

Training sessions take place 4 or more times a week, depending on the player's physical predisposition and motivation. Communication between the player and the coach is more intensive, realistic goals are set and a plan of national and international tournaments is drawn up. Video analyses help in the tactical preparation for matches, depending on the situation and the opponent. It is much easier to explain the mistakes to players if they see them themselves - on a video recording. After a match training, the coach talks with the player and analyzes the successful parts but also the elements that did not work. "Charting" (recording data by the coach) is very important at this stage, because the player accepts the suggestions much more readily if they are presented to him statistically. School obligations must not be neglected on account of the child's training and sports development.

As they grow older, advanced children join a junior programme (14, 16, 18 years of age), while the rest continue with recreational sport. The club atmosphere creates the feeling of belonging, so many are happy to continue playing tennis recreationally to benefit their health and fitness and to have fun. Tennis provides some children with the opportunity to continue their education at American universities with which we have good partnerships.

Going to team competitions provides great experiences and enjoyment for the players, their parents and other club members alike.

A junior programme involves more intensive individual trainings and sparring matches. The coach and the expert team supervise the child's development and prepare them for the life of a professional tennis player.

Entering national and international tournaments entails professional supervision (ranging from organizing travel, negotiating trainings and sparring partners and preparing the players mentally).

There is a large amount of travel, and there is more intensive playing on different surfaces, under different weather conditions and at different altitudes: consequently, in the long term in order to lead this way of life, a person must be specially trained, adapted, disciplined and highly motivated.

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