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We highly value our club atmosphere and this is why we nurture it. We promote the game of tennis, we respect differences and we believe in every member of our club. The TOP SPIN Tennis Club was born out of pure love for tennis. Whatever the involvement, we have travelled every road - from parents and children to ATP and WTA players, from students, coaches, and tournament organizers to an ATP Europe Board member.

Our results and 25 years of experience in the world of tennis are sufficient testimony of our work. We will be happy to share it with you!

President:Branimir Horvat
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Secretary:Dario Kaurić
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Ivica Bobi Orešković Ivica Bobi Orešković

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Tennis Club Top Spin
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tel: + 385 (0)1 369 3690
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e-mail: office at topspin dot hr
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Tennis Club Top Spin
ŠRC Šalata
Schlosserove stube 2, Zagreb
Courts: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Centre Court)

+ 385 (0)98 41 75 31

Kids' tennis

Why is it important to begin this way?

Why is it important to begin this way?

Children get to know the game in a fun way, which makes it easy for them to develop proper technique and tactics, as well as a love for the sport. Using the slower balls helps children to develop techniques and to be able to implement advanced tactics, which in most cases cannot be performed using fast balls on the full court.
We have 3 stages of children's tennis, each of them are played with different balls: red (level 1), orange (level 2) and green (level 3).

Progressing from red, to orange, to green

Progressing from red, to orange, to green

It is very important that children only progress to the next programme stage when they have learnt how to control the ball and implement the mastered serving techniques. If they move too soon, then they may develop poor techniques and lose confidence and interest in tennis.

Parents should understand that learning to play the game of tennis is a gradual process in which they should encourage their child to become more independent. Parents should focus on their child's development, on their performance, and most importantly, on their enjoyment, rather than on their results in tournaments.

The role of parents

In the beginning, the parents' role is more important than at any other stage of tennis. By providing their child with support and encouragement, parents can assist in creating a positive and friendly atmosphere. You should look satisfied, calm and relaxed - exactly as you would like your child to look and feel!


  • Allow the children to play in the appropriate stage of the programme so that they can gain confidence and enjoy playing and competing in the game.
  • It is best not to watch every match that the child plays so as not to place additional pressure on the children.
  • Stick to your role as the parent and do not try to become the coach.
  • Be aware of the child's capabilities and avoid comparing them with other players.
  • Results are not so important in their development.


  • Encourage good behaviour in lessons and matches.
  • Do not tolerate bad behaviour, cheating and bad manners.
  • Encourage the child to become independent. Avoid making them too dependent on you.
  • Focus on effort instead of results. Never ask "Did you win?" Instead, it is better to ask "How did you play?" or "Did you have fun?"


  • Help the children to understand why they have to respect the rules, opponents, their parents, umpires, coaches and all others involved in tennis.
  • Players should applaud every good move of their opponents.
  • The child's coach is an expert and they should be respected and appreciated by you.

"PLAY & STAY" programme

"PLAY & STAY" programme

We follow the "PLAY & STAY" programme of the International Tennis Federation - ITF. Children play on smaller courts with slower balls and rackets adjusted to the child's height. The groups are small, of closed type, so that each child can receive our full attention.
Supervisor: Ivica Bobi Orešković
Head of Programmes: Kristina Pilaš


Children (aged 10-13)

At 10 - 13 years of age children continue their development with coaches Bruno Perić, Jurica Marković and Matko Šarić. Tennis technique and tactics are upgraded and fitness programmes are introduced (for groups targeted for the competition programme).

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Juniors (aged 14-18)

At the age of 14, children continue their development with coaches Alan Marić and Daniel Ungar

Training sessions take place 4 or more times a week, depending on the player's physical predisposition and motivation. Communication between the player and the coach is more intensive, realistic goals are set and a plan of national and international tournaments is drawn up.

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Professional players

We ensure that members of our club, depending on their results, receive a WILD CARD into professional tournaments.

According to analyses, professional tennis is the most demanding job in the world of top sports. In order for a tennis player to reach the top, he needs a team of experienced experts. A team that is integrated, self-critical and focused on the player's progress. Our experience of 25 years, results and professionalism are the best guarantee of the road to success.

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(aged 10-12)

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(aged 13-18)

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Tennis is a sport you can fall in love with and learn at any time in life - it safeguards your health, form and looks.

According to research, middle-aged people who have remained active in tennis - more than in any other activity - have had far fewer incidences of cardiovascular diseases. Tennis is also among the top 5 activities in terms of calories burnt per training session: in only half an hour of playing single tennis, you will burn more calories than someone riding a stationary bike, playing golf or using a rowing machine. Tennis also helps you reach a better form, build strength and agility, while having a great time in the process!

Choose a day, take a friend and connect with the sport for the rest of your life. We will help you do this because - Tennis is a Sport for Life.

We organize:

  • Adult Tennis School
  • Individual Instructions
  • Tournaments & Socializing
  • Visits to Other Tournaments (in the country and abroad)

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ŠRC Šalata
Schlosserove stube 2
10000 Zagreb
Courts: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Centre Court)


Tennis Club Top Spin
Jurkovićeva 17
10000 Zagreb
tel. + 385 (0)1 369 3690
fax + 385 (0)1 363 4733
e-mail: office at topspin dot hr